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COVID 19 Update

In response to COVID-19 Ride On! have taken considerable measures to ensure the safe operation of our rides. Keeping our environment protected to protect your shoppers is our priority. Our initiatives are…

  • Cleaning our rides weekly.
  • Zoono which offers a 30 day surface coating, a disinfectant to prevent the spread of Coronavirus on surfaces which we use fortnightly.
  • SD-90 which form a coating of microscopic protein spikes which literally “pop” the virus bubble (virion) and kill it which offers a 90 day defence which we use monthly.
  • Child friendly ‘Covie Character’ Decals placed on our rides to remind shoppers to sanitise before and after every ride.
  • Platform dividers that support social distancing that have sanitiser dispensers.
  • Floor Decals.

protecting you for longer